DGP 5550e / DGP 8550e

From the worker making components to the road crew doing repairs, portable radios and DGP 5550 portable radios can transform your business and make employee interactions smarter and safer. Best-in-class audio and unrivaled data capabilities empower people like never before Motorola Radiocommunicators


Main features

• Channel Capacity: 1000 Channels

• Power: 4 (UHF) / 5 (VHF) Watts of adjustable power

• Battery: IMPRES Li-lon 3000 mAh

• Programmable buttons: 3 side buttons, 2 front buttons.

• Type of Communication: Operates in conventional and trunked mode (Requires License)

• Emergency button: Yes

• Protection level: IP68

• Integrated GPS: Yes (DGP-8550e)

• Intelligent Audio: Yes

• Messaging: Yes

• Display: Wide and full color 5 navigation lines

• Bluetooth: 4.0

• Wifi: Yes

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