Stayed Tower


The cable-stayed tower is the most economical solution because it reaches great heights and has a high load capacity. It has a triangular cross section, cable-stayed with fire-galvanized wire ropes, designed according to the standards of ABNT, AISC, COMAR and technical specifications of our customers.



- Material specification

- Steel tubes DIN 2440, SCHEDULE or SAE 1020;

- Round laminated steel profile A-36;

- A-36 steel flat plates;

- A-325 steel screws

- Plating process by immersion

- ASTM A-123;

- Hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope



- Technical characteristics

- Heights according to the customer's needs;

- Wind exposure area of ​​up to 50mt2;

- Operating wind V0, S1, S2, S3 and according to NBR 6123

- Base width equal to the top width, varying from 0.3 to 1.5m;

- Lattice type "X", "K" or "Z".

The modules are normally 6m in length, and can be supplied in 3m or 2m, according to the customer's specification.