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DGM 5000e / DGM 8000e

Distribution truck drivers or transporters unloading goods or stuck in traffic… how can you keep your fleet permanently connected and provide your customers with the necessary information? MOTOTRBO digital solutions can transform your company and make you smarter with our mobile radiocommunicators; and secure all interaction with the employee.

Main features


​• Channel Capacity: 32 Channels

• Power: 40 (UHF) / 45 (VHF) Watts of adjustable power

• Programmable buttons: 4 front buttons

• Type of Communication: Operates in conventional and trunked mode (Requires License)

• Protection Level: IP54

• Display: Alphanumeric monochrome

• Integrated GPS: Yes (DGM-8000e)

• Intelligent Audio: Yes

• Display: Monochrome numeric

• Bluetooth: 4.0

• Wifi: Yes


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