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Our Services

:: DEMONSTRATION SYSTEM - Complementing our lectures, we demonstrate the functioning of the system, better illustrating the facilities and technologies we offer;

:: TEST SYSTEM - We offer operational tests on the "shop floor", through which our Customers have exceptional opportunities to test, for a certain period of time, how our products behave in the company's day-to-day and how they can contribute to the better performance of the organization, providing speed and security, with gains in productivity and profits;

:: IMPLEMENTATION AND MONITORING - Through a highly qualified team, we implement the radio communication systems, providing full and immediate use of its facilities with extensive assistance in the required infrastructure items. We monitor, at the request of the Clients or as part of our work routine, the performance of the systems implemented;


:: OPERATION TRAINING - Grupo Ferrante offers training at the Customers' facilities for the operation of systems with the supply of teaching material. It can even monitor and evaluate the performance of those trained, providing assessment reports and proposals for actions to be implemented with a view to continuous improvement in the corporate radio communication process;


:: AFTER-SALES POLICY - After the implementation of systems, we monitor, through our after-sales policy, their performance, changing their settings, either on our initiative or at the request of Customers, seeking to improve results;


:: TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - Through highly specialized technicians, we offer extensive technical assistance, which is developed in our laboratories or in the facilities of our Customers. We use modern preventive and corrective maintenance technology, with technicians trained by equipment and accessories manufacturers. We have remote access via modem and other facilities

:: GUARANTEE OF EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS - For the quality of our human resources. By the equipment of our laboratories. Because we only work with original parts. We offer full warranty on the equipment we sell as well as the services we perform.

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